Northallerton has been declared as one of the cleanest and tidiest market town in North Yorkshire, England. We hold this idea in great pride as we try to become the greenest town as well.

We do not have a large population, so it makes it all the more easier for us to take a stand.

We are a center of trade and transport, now we must become the center of a greener future for England.

How is this possible?

As daunting as it may sound, it really is possible. Most of cities around Europe are actively changing their habits to make an impact.

One of the first things that we need to figure out is how to reduce this:

For starters, we can start commuting on bicycles. We do have a few bicycle shops that sell some of the best hybrid bikes and road bikes.

We can start that change right away as these bikes are far cheaper than any car. It would be just a fraction of your annual fuel consumption. Plus, it is a move toward a healthier lifestyle.

What about the visitors?

So here is the problem. Even if we make all the necessary changes in life, how do we stop visitors from breaking our commitments. After all, we a market town. We can try resorting to greener taxis, but that’ll just add to the town expenses.

This is something that we can definitely discuss in the town hall meetings.