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Q: Why should I register as a member on this site?

A: Registration allows you to:

Comment on stories on this website and on all other Johnston Press newspaper websites. See a list of our websites here.
Set up a personalised homepage featuring content from any Johnston Press newspaper website or from any site with a RSS feed.
Receive free email newsletters (optional).
Receive customised email updates (optional).
Easily book adverts for any Johnston Press newspaper or website.
Access new Johnston Press website services and online tools with the same details as soon as they become available.
Registration is FREE and is quick and easy. Register as a member here.
Q: I’ve lost my password; what can I do?

A: Click here to go to the Reset Password page.
Q: I’ve changed my email address. How do I update my details?

A: Simply log in and go to the Members Area where you can change your details.
Q: Are my personal details safe?

A: Yes. Security of information and protection of your privacy are of the highest importance to us. Please click here to see our terms and conditions.
Q: Is registration free?

A: Yes registration is free.
Q: How do I customise the My Home page?

A: There are easy steps to follow on the My Home page.
Q: How do I receive email bulletins and other email services?

A: As a registered member of this site you can receive, free of charge, regular email updates, email newsletters, and other email services. To sign up for these, sign in and then go to Email Preferences.
Q: How do I unsubscribe from an email?

A: You can sign up for and unsubscribe from any of our email services through the email preferences page visible after logging in. Simply log in with your email address and password, then tick (to sign up) or untick (to unsubscribe) the mailing list boxes, and then press ‘Update My Email Preferences’.
Q: I don’t have the software installed on my computer to watch video presentations and photo slideshows. What can I do?

A: You can download free software here the links will open in a new window:

Windows Media Player – official Microsoft Windows Media format player.
Media Player Classic – a free, open source, smaller alternative player.
Q: I can’t open PDF documents. What can I do?

A: You can download free software here the links will open in a new window:

Adobe Reader – available from
Foxit Reader – available from
Q: Can I contribute content to the website?

A: We welcome your editorial contributions, photos, videos, and much more. All content will be considered by the newspaper’s staff and the best will be featured in the newspaper and/or this website. To send us your contributions simply contact us.
Q: Can I comment on a story?

A: Absolutely – this website has been designed with reader interaction at its heart and many of our stories have the ability for you to add your comments at the bottom.

You need to register with us first – go to the top left of any page on this site and fill in the required details. It only takes a minute or so.

Then at the end of the relevant article, simple type in your name and comments, hit ‘send’ and your thoughts will be published instantly.

If you want to send a comment directly to the news team or the Editor, it’s easier then ever to send us your thoughts day and night by email.

We will publish as many of your stories, photos and comments on the website as possible.
Q: I’m part of a community group or other local organisation. Can I send you details about us to appear in the newspaper and on the website?

A: Yes you can. Your group or organisation details will be considered and included in the newspaper and/or website if appropriate.
Q: Where can I find a copy of the newspaper?

A: Having problems finding a copy of the newspaper? If so, contact us with your name and location and we will email you back the location of your nearest newspaper outlet. Please allow five working days for your query to be answered. Back to the top

Q: Can I get a newspaper subscription?

A: Yes – click here to go to our subscription page.
Q: What is RSS?

A: ‘Really Simple Syndication’ (or RSS) is a complicated term for a simple system, which allows you to automatically get the headlines from a website and display them on a platform local to you.

That means you can see the headlines from all of your favourite websites in a single place on your computer, without having to actually visit each site.

Millions of people around the world already use this feature.

And new developments in 2007 – such as the launch of Microsoft’s next version of Windows with a built-in RSS reader – will see it becoming even more important.

It’s simple to get an RSS feed from any section of this website. Just click on the orange RSS button on the left-hand side of any web page.

Then pick the site and the section you want feeds from, and copy and paste that information into your RSS reader.

Learn more about RSS, including how to get a reader, by clicking on the words ‘What’s this?’ next to the orange RSS button.
Q: What is Atom?

A: Atom is a format similar to RSS. The difference is that Atom is able to carry more complex information.
Q: What is JavaScript feed?

A: Do it yourself news headline feeds. The JavaScript feeds are easy to use by simply cutting and pasting the code below onto your web page.
Q: What can I do with articles on this site?

A: There are buttons at the top right of each story allowing you to make the text size bigger or smaller.

You can also email the story to a friend or optimise it for printing, so it doesn’t waste ink in your printer.

There is an information panel at the top of each article, which tells you the date the story was loaded onto the website.

The panel will also let you know when you are reading a story written by another newspaper. This is a major new feature of this website and allows you to read a story written by any of our sister newspapers from around the country.

In fact, down the side of each story you will see lots of related stories, some from other areas. All you have to do to read one is click the headline.

Many of the stories on our website will invite comments at the bottom of the article; reader interaction is vital to us and we hope you will join in the instant debate as often as possible.
Q: Can I search for articles on this site?

A: A comprehensive search engine is included in this website, putting thousands of archived stories from the local newspaper at your fingertips.

Simply go to the top of any page, type in a word or phrase you are interested in and then click on ‘search’.

You will then see all the stories on the site relating to your request – click on the headline of anything you are interested in to see the full story.

You can refine your results by picking the year the article was written in or the section in which it was originally published.

Each story is marked with a percentage – this relates to how relevant the story is to your search.

You can also search to find photographs linked to stories.

The search tool also allows you to search the whole of the World Wide Web. To do this, simply click the ‘Web’ button after typing in a search word or phrase.